Wash services

With today’s growing demand for high sanitary standards in the food supply chain, having properly washed and sanitized containers are a must.

It only takes one “incident” for a company to be hit in both finance and the reputation.

Don’t trust your produce to dirty crates or unsanitary containers that can harbor bacteria such as Listeria or Salmonella.

Minimal washing with hoses or small manual machines only eliminate part of the problem.

High temperatures, chemicals and complete drying after the wash are only accomplished with sophisticated machinery and processes.

Cleantec, Inc. ensures your containers are sanitary with a multimillion dollar investment in highly efficient and sanitary wash systems that eliminate the worry of contamination due to soiled or unwashed containers.

Our wash system can clean over 3,500 RPCs per hour with high pressure nozzles, a pre wash, higher pressure wash and sanitizing stages of wash. A powerful centrifugal spin dryer allows for fast and efficient drying that allows for immediate use of the crates.

To find out more about our Food Safety and Wash specifications, click here (link to Food Safety Page)

Asset Management

Do you know where your containers are? Our Asset Management solution helps you track where your product was shipped and when it was returned.

Barcode tracking solutions help keep track of your precious assets and allow for you to get statistics on usage and shipments.

Our Asset Management system can also help keep track of your size and the historical usage of your assets in order to allow for more intelligent decisions in regards to future investments.

Contact us for more information on how this service can help your company secure its assets with more visibility and intelligence.

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