Food Safety

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Whether you deal with the FDA, USDA or both; Food Safety is a hot topic and a major concern for all companies within the Food Supply Chain. The increased regulations regarding requirements in food safety guidelines and procedures can seem almost never ending.

Cleantec, Inc. helps you eliminate one aspect of the process by providing clean containers and totes for your use that are washed in an atmosphere that is fully compliant with Food Safety Regulations and Practices. We use the strictest standards for our service industry as a guide including compliance with all applicable HAACP, GMP, and GAP procedures and guidelines.

Our Wash Process

Our wash procedures encompass several stages of cleanliness and sanitation. Below is a summary of each stage:


During the Pre-Wash stage, all excess organic material left in the containers is removed along with any labels or stickers. If the container is collapsed, it is opened and locked in place to assure that the container does not require any service or repair.

Pre-Wash Rinse

During the Pre-Wash Rinse stage, the container is soaked with water to allow the dirt and other contaminants to soften and loosen from the container surface. It allows for some of the larger contaminants to be removed prior to the main wash.

Main Wash

During this stage, high pressure nozzles are aligned to provide the maximum contact with the surfaces of the container. Low foam detergents specially formulated for container wash applications are used to maximize the effectiveness of the wash. Water is re-circulated through screens in order to maximize the usage of the water and conserve energy and water during the process. Temperatures in this stage are in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

High Pressure Rinse

This stage uses high temperature / high pressure water to remove any remaining detergent and contaminants in the containers.


Specialized USDA / FDA approved sanitizing chemicals are used to kill any traces of organic materials that may have escaped any previous part of the wash process. 

Quality Control

After the wash section is completed, a visual inspection is conducted to make sure any contaminants that are visible are removed.

High Speed Centrifugal Dryers

The next step in the process is the use of high speed centrifugal dryers to eliminate any water left on the containers during the wash cycle. The containers are spun at a high speed until the containers are dry.

Final Prepping

In the final prepping stage, the pallets are shrink-wrapped from top to bottom prior to shipment to prevent contamination during transportation and while stored at the customer site. We have different prep options available depending on the individual customer requirements.

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